Our themed weddings have been a big part of our business over the years. We have created hundreds of gowns for many different brides, grooms and their wedding guests.

With up to date fabrics and their dreams we can design what their heart desires. Tudor, medieval, Victorian, gothic, regency and many more.
Our grooms are not forgotten as they have been knights, princes, Robin Hood, lords, kings and so much more different historian characters.
If you are not a traditional bride/groom and would like a twist on your wedding attire, our service is a must see!

We also do Irish weddings, the bigger the better! We create the perfect wedding gown from scratch. From designing your dream gown, to fittings and bringing it to life! We make sure everything is sparkling and a dream come true. Bridesmaid dresses, need something different? We have you covered. We can make mini bridal gowns for your flower girls and beautiful bridesmaid dresses you forever dreamed of. Our in house alterations team will work their magic to bring your magical dream to life.

 ★ The pictures were acquired from google for inspiration